Gallery Customizations - helpdesk

Hide Gallery icon (in galleries apps)

.sm-tile-album .sm-tile-info-icon { display: none; }

Hide Gallery Description

.sm-gallery-description {display: none;}

Hide Keywords (SM & Journal Gallery styles)

.sm-tile-keywords { display: none; }

Google may penalize you!

Hide Captions (all tiles apps and al gallery styles except SmugMug style

.sm-tile-caption { display: none; }

Hide Slideshow Button (all Gallery styles)

.sm-gallery-slideshow-button { display: none; }

Gallery Settings -> Appearance -> Slideshow -> OFF

Change Caption Color (all Tiles* apps & all Gallery styles, except SM style)

.sm-tile-caption {color: white;}

Hide add to cart button

.sm-user-ui .sm-gallery-buymenu {display:none;}

Hide owner buy

.sm-gallery-buymenu { display: none; }

Hide "Empty Gallery" message

.sm-gallery-empty { display: none; }

Hide image numbers

.sm-gallery-image-pagination { display: none; }

Hide empty gallery message

.sm-gallery-empty { display:none; }

Display upload button when logged in

.sm-user-loggedin .sm-gallery-empty { display:block; }

Hide 'from' link for collected photo

.sm-gallery-smugmug .sm-text-mini{ display:none }

SmugMug gallery style only

Hide image title

.sm-gallery-smugmug .sm-tile-title {display:none;} .sm-tile-caption { display: none; }

Change keyword font size in gallery

.sm-tile-keywords {font-size: 30px;}

Hide buy photo and buy photos in this gallery.

.sm-gallery-buymenu { display: none; }

Make page numbers and image numbers bigger

.sm-user-ui .sm-inlineedit-node { SmugMug gallery style font-size: 45px; color: red; }

.sm-gallery-tiles-pagination { font-size: 45px; }

.sm-gallery-image-pagination { font-size: 45px; }

.sm-form-field-select { font-size: 45px; }

Hide cart icon in collage landscape gallery style {display:none;}

Add a border in collage landscape

.sm-gallery-images .sm-tiles-row-organic .sm-image { border:5px solid black; -moz-box-sizing:border-box; box-sizing:border-box; }

Remove Added Background to transparent PNG's in Gallery

.sm-user-ui .sm-tiles .sm-tile-content { background: none !important; }

Move thumbnails to the bottom in smugmug gallery style

Set gallery style to SmugMug and set layout to fixed 1050

Hide index number below images in SmugMug gallery style

/* Hide index numbers */

.sm-gallery-image-totals{ display: none !important; }

Add padding below gallery description

.sm-gallery-description {.sm-gallery-description { padding-bottom: 30px; }

Hide The DOWNLOAD ALL button

.sm-gallery-download-button {display: none;}